In Vietnam

From April 1989 to Present
In April 1989, a Two Million, Two Hundred Thousand Dollar ($2,200,000 USD) fund was first created with three main purposes:
(1) Provide emergency assistance to meet urgent short term needs of people with chronic illnesses requiring hospitalization and/or intensive care & medicines to disaster victims from floods, fires, droughts, etc.
(2) Provide long-term & periodic financial aid and medical assistance and food distribution to needy people living in the remote areas of southern Vietnam including but not limited to orphanages, aged and disable persons.
(3) Provide long-term clothing, tuition, school supplies, and lunches for school-aged children of poor families in remote areas in Southern Vietnam.
Number of People Helped with Emergency Assistances: 2,880 | Dollars Expended: $820,800
Number of People Helped (Disaster Victims): 4,575 | Dollars Expended: $686,250
Number of Orphanages Helped: 350 | Dollars Expended: $1,260,000
Number of Aged and Disabled People Helped: 555 | Dollars Expended: $1,198,800
Number of School-Age Children Helped: 575 | Dollars Expended: $2,484,000

In the United States

From July 1988 to August 1991, we concentrated on refugee assistance and support for former Army Republic of Veterans (ARVN) refugees. Support for ARVN refugees encompass several activities with the general purpose of helping them adjust to new environments, starting with the confined mode in education camps in Vietnam and ending in a smooth transition into a new broaden life in the United States.
Number of People Helped: 16,500 | Dollars Expended: $1,237,500

From September 1992 to December 1995, we concentrated on vocational training, professional seminars, small business enterprise development & support, and job placements with the general purpose of achieving financial independence.
Number of vocational training, professional seminars etc.: 495 courses
Number of People Helped: 7,800 | Dollars Expended: $980,000

From February 1995 to Present,we sponsored a group of Army Republic of Veterans to create another Non-Profit public benefit corporation called the Brotherhood of Army Republic of Vietnam Volunteer Organizations, Inc. Its specific purpose is to:

  • Provide physical, social and financial aid to support humanitarian programs for the Army Republic of Vietnam(ARVN) disabled veterans, widows, and war orphans.
  • Bridge for: (a) disabled veterans, war orphans, widows and distressed families in Vietnam (b) Overseas Vietnamese and US Vietnamese, Vietnam war veterans, US government agencies, other NGO’s, various Nations, groups, (private, public-Multi-national corporations & organizations) to provide financial aid and relief programs to assist in healing emotional and physical wounds.
  • Promote and Cooperate with various individuals, groups, organizations, other NGO’s, various Nations, government and non-government agencies to participate in humanitarian programs for disabled veterans, war orphans, widows and war victims in Vietnam.
Number of People Helped: 11,700 | Dollars Expended: $1,755,000
Wheelchairs: 2,850 through Wheels for Human

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