Current Programs In Vietnam

1) Charitable and Humanitarian aid for emergency assistance to meet urgent short term needs of people with chronic illnesses requiring hospitalization and/or intensive care & medicines to disaster victims from floods, fires, droughts etc…
2) Long-term & periodic financial aid and medical assistance and food distribution to needy people living in the remote areas of Southern Vietnam including but not limited to orphanages, aged and disable persons.
3) Long-term clothing, tuition, school supplies food aid and lunches for school-aged children of poor families in remote areas in Southern Vietnam.

Developing Programs in National Socio-Economic & Socio-Services

Our Food for Progress Program, Junior Achievement (JA), Business Resource Centers (BRC) and Micro Loans Program are designed to engage in Socio- Economic Development & Socio-Services. Currently our plan is to introduce these concepts as pilot programs in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, DaNang and Cantho City. It will expand to additional cities throughout the country once the programs are operating smoothly. This will ensure a positive transition into other regions/cities in the most efficient manner. We intimately intend to bring these programs to farms, small businesses, women and youths in remote and disadvantage outlaying areas of Vietnam.

Socio- Economic Development : Agriculture Development

(1) Food for Progress Program: supports countries that have made commitments to introduce or expand free enterprise elements in their agricultural economies through changes in commodity prices, marketing and input availability. It is aimed at the development of vibrant agricultural economies in countries that are promoting private sectors involved in agri-businesses, including but not limited to, farmer education and training, private sector development of agricultural infrastructure such as improved agricultural techniques, cooperative development, expanding use of processing capacity, merchandising, marketing, sales, distribution systems, introduction of new foods and development of agriculturally related businesses.

(2) Micro Loans Program: Unconventional Banking for the Poorest of the Poor.

The Foundation will reverse conventional banking practices by removing the need for collateral and created a banking system based on mutual trust, accountability, participation and creativity. The Foundation will provide credit to the poorest of the poor in the remote and disadvantage rural areas of the country mainly youth and woman from ethnic minorities group without any collateral. Our Foundation believes that credit is a cost effective weapon to fight poverty. It will serve as a catalyst in the over all development of socio-economic conditions of the poor who have been kept outside the banking orbit on the grounds that they are poor and hence not bankable.

The loans are small, from $250 to $1,000 US Dollars but sufficient to finance the micro-enterprises undertaken by borrowers: Buying fruit trees, seeds, poultry, fish, milk producing cows & goats as well as abilities to raise pigs, rice-husk and open machine repair shops. The Micro Loan Program are not only designed to help it’s clients to be financially self supportive but it also gives them experience in handling money, repaying loans and saving for their future needs.

The Foundation banking program/project will operate with the following principal objectives:

  • Extend banking facilities to poorest of the poor men and women
  • Eliminate the exploitation of the poor by money lenders
  • Create opportunities for self-employment for the vast multitude of unemployed people in the Rural Regions of Vietnam: bring the disadvantaged mostly women & youths from the poorest households within the fold of an organizational format which is understandable and manageable
  • Reverse age-old “Vicious Cycles” of Low Income groups equaling low savings & investments into “Virtuous Cycles“ of credit opportunities, investment possibilities that can equal more income, savings & investments

Socio- Services: Education and Vocational Training

Junior Achievement (JA): is a vocational training program of Junior Achievement International (JAI), which is presently operating in 112 countries throughout the world, it is a recognized leader in these activities. (JA) will be introduced primarily in the High Schools at first, and is designed to increase the understanding of youths regarding entrepreneurial endeavors and the factors requisite to success, including:

  • The importance of market driven economies
  • The role of business in a global economy
  • The commitment of business to environmental and social issues
  • The practice of business to operate in an ethical manner
  • The relevance of education in the workplace and the impact of economics on their future

(JA) is a proven catalyst as countries everywhere realize their future is to be a part of a growing global economy. It will furnish tools and skills enabling youths to realize their futures. Students learn by doing. This program will provide them with decision making skills, company formation background, market place experience and the importance of team work. They will learn economic competence and become more self-sufficient.

Business Resource Centers (BRC): will be full-service, linking computer technology with counseling. Clients will have access to experienced practitioners, bankers and business executives who will share their depth of knowledge and expertise.

Each center will be responsive to the businesses in its delivery area and industry it serves. It will provide existing and start up firms with technical assistance, management, marketing and financial skills necessary to survive in today’s challenging global economy. We plan to link (JA) programs and the services of our (BRC)’s to support the business activities of local farmers. Through (JA), the youth will be encouraged to adopt more efficient business methods in the running of their agricultural enterprise with the thought of possible expansion and diversification of crops and products.

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