Activity and Operation Information

The following are the Principal Activities of the Organization:

Socio- Services:

a) Assist people of Vietnam, particularly war victims in making a smooth transition into new broadened lifes
b) Provide guidance and gradually integrate them into the mainstream through a "phased" approach
c) Education through vocational training & professional seminars
d) Nutrition programs designed specifically for children and women
e) Health care and disease prevention
f) Assist and support overseas Vietnamese communities in the development of the following sectors: Education, Social Economics, Religion and Culture
g) Create an emergency "People of Vietnam" fund to meet the urgent needs of short-term humanitarian projects. Such activities would include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cash grants for short periods of time
  • Medical aid such as medicine and treatments
  • Child nutrition aid
  • Food and material donations, such as clothing and temporary shelter
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Vocation training
  • Education scholarships
  • Establishment of bulletins or similar publications focusing world attention on problems faced by the people of Vietnam
  • Professional training seminars

Socio- Economic Developments:

In order to enhance the welfare of the people in Vietnam, the organization will cooperate with various nations, international organizations, and professional groups to assist and support the people of Vietnam in obtaining financial aid and manpower resources for planning and developing their national projects.

Such activities include but not limited to the following sectors:

  • Privatization and restructuring
  • Small business enterprise development
  • Development of capital markets
  • Technology transfer
  • Preparation and packaging project feasibility studies
  • Financial services for privatization
  • Providing in-house training on the job (OJT) for newly private enterprises
  • Agriculture and Rural Development through private sector
  • Micro Loan Programs

Social Politics:

a) Support and cooperate with various nations and international organizations actively engaged in promoting freedom, peace, prosperity, and happiness to the people of Vietnam.
b) Bridge for humanitarian projects between local governments and international communities including but not limited to social & cultural groups, universities and research institutions.
c) Provide the public with facts, current figures, research data, and other pertinent information regarding economics, culture, and social welfare conditions of the people in Vietnam.

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