Vina-America Volunteer Organizations For Indochina Affairs, Inc.

Vina-America Volunteer Organizations For Indochina Affairs, Inc. is a United States Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), classified under the US Internal Revenue Service Section 501 (C)(3): Organizations for Tax-Exemption Status called Non-Profit Organization and under Section 509 (a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi): A Publicly-Supported Organization. The Foundation was established on March 8, 1989, at 9 AM in the State of Delaware by Dr. Robert Q. Lam DBA JD.

U.S.-Vietnam People To People Entre Mission, Foundation

In order to reflect our actual activities in Vietnam, the organization filed a certificate of Amendment with the Secretary of the State of Delaware, on March 17, 1999, at 9 AM, changing its name to “U.S.-Vietnam People to People Entre Aid Mission” Foundation. During the past fourteen years, the Foundation has assisted thousands of needy families in the remote and disadvantage areas of Southern Vietnam without the benefit of a formal office.

In response to the urgent needs of Vietnam to develop a free market economy, eradicate hunger and reduce poverty, as well as raise the daily living standards of the Vietnamese people, we have applied to the government of Vietnam and obtained an operational permit to establish formal project offices for our current charitable projects and new national formal programs. Our humanitarian missions will first consist of four formal projects/programs:

Food for Progress Program
Junior Achievement (JA) Training Program
Business Resource Centers ( BRC )
Micro Loan Programs

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